A nothing much happening day

Friday 18th March 2011

Well, nothing much happening today, other than the fact it is my BIRTHDAY

Hooray. Another year older. Great (Don’t Ask)
Maybe a cycle into Cambridge.
Watch and Phone need repairing, and also later the dog will need taking out.
He’s so pushy.

On a plus note I did get up late, there is rugby on all day tomorrow (well almost all day).

AND… What was wrong with this Buff?


OooooH a present… 

I just got Chris Townsends book SCOTLAND as my birthday present.

It was my only present actually 
Added 19th (an addition to this, my mum did get me a present, but I haven’t collected it yet, and my daughter gave me a bar of chocolate and some bath stuff. That might be a hint because I haven’y had a shower yet since the bike ride (see tomorrow’s entry))

but a very nice one all the same.
Very good book.

Well finally got the dog out in the dark.
Phone in shop and no camera so took this on my daughters old phone. Picture quality is terrible and amazingly it came out with this rather Monet like image of the swans in moonlight by the river at the Abbey.

Oh yes Phil. While I was in the Loft I found this portrait!

5 thoughts on “A nothing much happening day

  1. If you don't mind me saying, I wouldn't go up in that attic sir. It's dark there sir,very very dark, and there are things sir, things up there not spoken of sir, things best not allowed to see the light sir, things best left where they are sir. Oh yes sir.

  2. Hip Hop Huppy Brthzdy!

    I spent a happy afternoon in my garage, opening boxes that had been boxes in garages in seven previous houses.

    Old love letters (somebody loved me!), diaries, trip reports in notebooks (lovingly written up afterwards – Huge mileages!) my old British Thornton Sliderule…

    Nice to see you cracking on with the blog, Andy and thanks for sending me the OS Openspace “How to” thing. I tried – but I think I need a website rather than a blog to use it?

  3. I've got one of those old British Thornton Sliderule… thingies.
    You probably do need a web site, because you need to edit the page setup and layout, and I have not tried that in a blog, where the formatting options seem quite limited.
    When you've finished tidying your garage mines in a real mess.

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