SUN 27th March – Bike, Rugby, Bike, Rugby, Run

Luckily today we did not fall foul of the clocks going forward and managed to get up in plenty of time.
A brisk 12 mile (ish) ride to Rugby with my son, and a jolly fine game.
His team turning over the opposition in county competition 69 – 5.
Unfortunately I was told that there was no room in the car for me to return, because Lucy was off to collect a carpet from my Mothers loft.
I need to clarify this now. My mother does NOT have a carpeted loft.
It was our carpet that we stored up there about 4 years ago.

Anyway it meant I had to bike it back home.
Weather pretty OK, so I took the scenic route via hill and dale. I say hill and dale, but this being Cambridgeshire, this means finding a suitable contour.
Actually as you sneak to the Suffolk border, you can take in maybe 2 or even 3 contours.

Luckily back in time to watch the Northampton Saint’s v Wasps game.
Thankfully a resounding Saints victory (especially after the last few matches).

It is at this point that dog reminds me he has not been out.

So back down the Fen again, with Mut and camera to partake of SPRING.
The blossom is just beginning to appear, and the fields have that early green tinge to them.
Indeed it was almost mild today.

When spring comes the little birdies tweet and frolic and look for a mate.
It doesn’t always quite go to plan.

‘Ready or not here I cooomm……..Shit!

You know who you are!
In current temperatures it would be hard to spot an offence!

Crispus Bagus Discardus

The snow drops are gone, but we saw a lot of blossom and daffodils.
Also a few species that are becoming more common.

And Mindelessus Carling Discardus

Both of these and others like Fantus Orangus Discardus are all related to

Yobus Dimwitus Wankus who is becoming more prevalent in places of beauty, but does not have the ability or wit to know where they are or why, having been fed a continual drivel of banal mindless celebrity crap by the media.

So anyway, after gnashing our grumpy old teeth we carried on with our game.

“Will you stop throwing this bloody stick in the water!”
I didn’t. Straight back in. He enjoys it I know he does he keeps bringing it back.

And at the end the daffodils are in full bloom.

So back now, just in time for everyone to go out again (except me), which is nice

Unfortunately more work next week, and I really must cut the lawn, and re-roof the workshop, and knock down the old shed, and get rid of the old guinea pig cage, and sort out my phone, and …. Oh Grief!

The lawn is important so that I can pitch my tent and check it all out before the Challenge.

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