Soon to be the ONLY hunting Birds in the Scottish Highlands

Sat 9th Apr – I went for a stroll and saw the future

This is not a big entry, just a short thought for the day.

Well, the weather was very fine again, and since I had to go out, and also fancied a different dog walking/running route, and also since I need to increase my fitness for the Challenge, I thought maybe a we 13 mile would be just the ticket.
Anyway, that is not the point of this little bit. While I was out I saw what I thought was a Kite hovering about 25 feet in the air. As I got closer I realised it was in fact a bird scarer, BUT it was very realistic.

You can see the rod that attaches the bird scarer to the wire
They could put them near the wind farms to show that no birds are harmed by them.

Well that got me thinking. In 10 years time, will these be the alternative birds to be seen in the Highlands, after the rest of them have been mutilated and puréed by the so called GREEN turbines. I shall not go on about them it will end in a rant. I also realised after their stance on turbines that after all these years I had misunderstood RSPB. It actually stands for 
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds.

Apart from that, the rest of the day was rather fine.
And the Music for today is ….Andy Mkee ( I have no idea how he does this)

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