Where’s My Shed?

And then it was Gone……Sun 10th Apr 2011

Today I have mostly been taking down the old Shed!
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have gone somewhere really nice.
The weather was brilliant.

BUT.. and here is the problem, the shed needed knocking down, and today was the day.
Well it wasn’t the day, but when I got up, Lucy had already started so that was it for the day.
Knock down shed stack wood and take contents to the tip. 
Now, last week I cleaned the car. 
This is a very worrying development. Fortunately it is too late for me to get an office job, otherwise I would be getting a company car next, and moving into a nice semi in a nice new housing development in Cambourne. Then I could take an overdose!

Sorry about that, back to the shed. So the shed is gone, the gravel needs moving to the top of the garden, and hole needs dirt and grass seed. But that will have to wait.

Later I did manage to pop out wi t’ doggo but the route was a bit samey, so not really worth a big write up. However there were some interesting bits. Interesting for me anyway.
I did manage to stumble upon a wigwam in the middle of Quy Fen, and from nearby there was rather loud music playing. Back in the day I might have popped in for the experience, but I had to get home so I didn’t.
Is it worth putting all this in the blog NO, not really, but I don’t keep a diary so there you go.

I also visited the Clunch pits on the Fen. There are two Clunch pits, and this time we went to the smaller one.

Track to the Clunch Pit

These have been around for years. Clunch pits I believe is where years ago they used to extract limestone. The stone is a chalk from the Lower Chalk of the Cretaceous age, the period of geological time approximately 143-65 million years ago. It is a greyish white colour often with a greenish tinge. These have not been used for years, and are now just water filled pits, surrounded by reed beds.

It just looks like a pond now

Nearby the other clunch pit is this memorial stone. 
It is sited in the middle of a field, and more recently has been surrounded with a small fence.
All things considered, this was pretty unlucky. 
Makes you think though. Life is too short, you need to enjoy what you have and not worry about all the $hit!

So anyway, enough local history. Since the music drifted across form the tents I decided that today’s music should have a bit more get up and go.
We boogied back to the car as the sun glinted in the trees, and listened to a bit of The Cult.

The Cult Edie
They were the days

Next time we will most likely be listening to Rob Balducci

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