It was only a short distance – Friday 22nd April 2011 – ‘Not so Good Friday!’

Now as a Mathematician, I greatly admire Newton, but it has to be said that “Gravity is a Bitch“.
There I was running along with the hound, minding my own business, when I was unceremoniously tripped up by a Crocodile (Tree Root to you).
Try as I might I could not thwart the power of Gravity. And so it came to transpire that I landed with a hefty thump on yet another Tree Root.

This is normally ok, if the point of contact is not your RIBS.

So grazed knees, elbow, palms, and rather painful left rib.
It is of course at this point that I should have stopped running. But then when I broke my leg in 2004 (another gravity induced incident), I should have stopped walking. 
Lessons of the past not learnt.

Well thanks to endorphins and whatever else it is the body manufactures to stop pain we did our run. I say we, because Jasper was fine apart from the fact I think he needs glasses.

The next morning, was less than easy though. It is the breathing bit that hurts the most.
Never mind, I am sure it will get better by the start of the Challenge.
I did try a run today, and a bike ride. T’was rather painful, and breathing could be easier (well, a lot easier to be honest), but I am sure it is just rather bad bruising. I had a broken rib once, and it was a lot worse than this.
It feels a bit better anyway, although that could be the cocktail of Paracetomol, Ibruprofen and Alcohol.

So anyway, ‘Gravity’s a Bitch – It’s Official’, Oh Yes, and look where you are going.

Note.. Mon 25th .. Perhaps I need more alcohol
For some reason it is worse today than it was a couple of days ago.
Is this a sign it is getting better, or should I have refrained from creosoting fences and cycling to Cambridge? Never mind, 16 days before the sleeper train to Strathcarron, I am sure it will be better by then. Or I could go to the Dr and find out if it worse than I thought!

And as bit of the past because it is just so good

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