Today I have Mostly Been ……….. (8th May 2011)

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Kelly Joe Phelps – See that my grave is kept clean (well a bit of it)

Not a lot to report at this juncture what with all the TGO packing and stuff.
So no walks, no scenery, no excitement.

Anyway, the good news is that the RIBS are feeling much better (not perfect, but better).
It doesn’t hurt when I breathe or attempt exercise (well no more than normal), and I have been out testing said ribs with dog the last 2 days on 8 mile runs. I could have taken it easy, but I didn’t. I mean, I only have 4 more days to get fit, and 2 of them will be spent in trains and buses.
On the other hand, the knees were not so good today, because the ribs were.
There comes a point in your life, where no matter what you are doing, something hurts somewhere for no apparent reason. Unfortunately I am at that age. mentally I have not arrived at my chronological age, but there are many who reckon men never do. Although it has to be said, most of them are women. To be honest, they are probably correct.

I also managed to cut the grass, then hover mower the overgrown bits at the end of the garden, trim the hedge and strim all the edges, (apart from the bits near the trees that I was given a b0110c£1ng about the last time (and the time before that).

So I have everything ready for the TGO.

Parcels packed and will be posted tomorrow.
The few bits of accommodation treble checked in moments of Paranoia,
Kit all planned and ready to go.
Food all sorted.
Medical kit all ready
Maps all printed
New batteries ready
Essential MP3 music all uploaded to player
and other stuff as well

Shame I cannot find the spare battery for my phone though.
I had 3 now I cannot find them.
Last seen in the Lake District.

So all I need to do now, is pack my rucksack on Wed, and then await the arrival of that nice Mr Lambert who is picking up myself, and then the equally nice Mr Sloman, so we can sleep our way to Inverness.

So the BIG questions are…

What bit of essential kit have I forgotten?
What am I taking that I will not need?

I am still in 2 minds about the Micro-spikes.
They weigh about 650g, and I only have them on the list because I am going over
Coire Dhondail, which in the past has had quite a covering of ice. 

However, this year the weather has so far been unusually mild, and I am not expecting ice. 
The weather forecast for the next 10 days does seem to imply moisture though.

Decisions, Decisions!

Here’s hoping  ……..

So if you are on the Challenge, see you in Montrose in a couple of weeks, if not before.

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