Sat 28th May 2011 – Back from the edge

Cor blimey guvner ‘at wos a tuff un and no mistakin!

So here we are back from the Challenge after an interesting and exciting two weeks.
Lot of fuss over nothing I say. A bit of dodgy weather for a few days and folk come over all panicky and the like.
Anyway, apart from the moaning (me), it was really a fine Challenge. Indeed it brought true meaning to the word Challenge. More importantly it rallied the Challenge family together even more than usual, so I say roll on 2012.

Nuff said on the matter!

I am now sorting out photo’s and write up, and will publish that over the next few weeks.

As it happens, after weeks of drought, I appear top have brought some rain back with me.
It was probably hiding in my Tent Soup in my rucksack.

I reckon now I am probably fit enough to do the Challenge.
Had a run with the dog today, about 7 miles, felt fine.
Might do a longer one tomorrow.
I also did some weights in the Garage. Be a shame to waste all that effort.

So just 2 little snippets.

So, he really can walk on water!
Never  disagree with this man!
Look what happened to the tree.

OK, it was the wind!

Survival by YES

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