WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK – Sun 10th Jul 2011

There will be a brief pause in the saga.
There are 2 reasons for this.

Well, just the one really.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a man with a knife, and a telescope thing, who is going to repair the Inguinal (bloody inconsiderate actually) hernia in my right groin area.

I will of course be unconscious for this (well, I hope I will).

Interestingly though, all this week, the pain has been the other side.
No problems with the right side at all

And so, I will resume the Challenge accounts last 3 days later this week.
If all goes to plan!

If not, then you’ll never know.

Reason 2 now I remember it is that Phil doesn’t like Challenge reports in reverse order, so I have to reorder them into one big Report that I will post elsewhere shortly (or not) for the Chronologically Challenged

See you soon.. I hope !


  1. Ooooh – sounds nasty. Best of luck for tomorrow, and take it easy afterwards – none of that jogging nonsense for a few weeks, eh?

    Really enjoying your Challenge, in whichever order 🙂

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