Friday 18th Nov (Just).

I am sitting here, it is Friday and it is 19 days since the TGO draw I think.
Lucy is at a school sleepover with 30 tiny children.
(Well that is what she tells me).
She was there at 10 anyway.

I am hoping next week (actually, next Friday) to go mad in Yorkshire with Sloman and a bunch of other like  minded folk (degenerates).
That is assuming I can get over this mild calf strain, that has been bugging me for the last 10 days.
OK, OK, maybe going for another run the full length of Fleam Dyke again today was not the ideal bit of recovery training.
To add to that the dog, who was fine on the run, was so old and crippled when he got out of the car, that I had to lift him out.
Poor bugger couldn’t walk for the first 10 min, 1 hour, 4 hours, he’s still limping.

BUT, Rymadil (no idea how it is actually spelt) is a wonder drug for dogs.
If it worked on humans, I would take some on the Challenge.

Which is the real reason for this Post.

That and the report that all is ok on the lump in the groin saga.
So, luckily, no photo’s of that then.
It is a fatty lump and no problem, unless it becomes a problem. (????)
The main point being, that unless it is really really really irritating, rather than just mildly annoying, then best to leave it be.
That and the fact that due to assorted hernia operations, I have so much mesh down there, that it is like having a kevlar vest in my groin area, and would be a nightmare for any surgeon.

OK, TOO MUCH information I know! (bet you are even more glad there are no photo’s eh)

SO, I know, you are wondering. Where are the pictures, and the music and the…..
You should have heard the music about NOW anyway.

Oh yes, by the way I AM IN ‘The Challenge’ ,and as by now you may be aware,
I am accompanying Mr Sloman.
I say accompanying, but really I am his ‘CARER’.

He tries to cover this up, but social services have insisted this time round. 
Fortunately, they did not look too deeply into my CV, and we have apparently got away with it.

We just need to get Dave (Blisters) Wilkinson some decent shoes and socks.
We told him last time, that thin 10 denier cotton socks and stiletto’s were no use but he is very independently mined is Dave.

Anyway F*$£ing A, we are in!

More soon from Yorkshire, and TGOC 2012 Route plans.

2 thoughts on “NICE!

  1. I think Dave is going for the Support Hose this time around. And flatties too.

    Is that a Chinese smiley you have found there, Mister Carer Sir? They are cheaper and more efficient than British smilies and they are willing to take any work on, you know.

    If you could just do a light bit of dusting before you go and turn the telly over to “Come Dancing” it would be good.

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