Sat 26th Nov 2011

It was all going so well 

…………………………………………….      and then 


Not a heap of room inside now

I believe it is not meant to look like that

It had been a breezy night just below Ingleborough, but despite the rather buffeting winds, Wendy had done well until about 6.05 that is, when a huge gust was followed by a loud crack.
Being half asleep I did not notice until I looked up to find she had been truncated and collapsed.
A look outside (not nice), showed that the rear pole had snapped and foreced itself through the pole sleeve.
Wendy was in a bad way, and I had to get her unpacked and down before the wind got worse and really did her in.
BLOODY LUCKY it did not happen at 1.30am.

Anyway, Warmlites are NOT bullet proof!!!!!!!!!…Oh No!

In her defence I would say that Wendy is a wonderful tent, and I WILL get her repaired, and she WILL go on the Challenge.
However, unlike the 2C, the 2R has no extra stays attached to the rear pole, and I believe that this design flaw was the major cause of her demise due to the extra flexing in the turbulent wind.
I will be sending her off the have these attached and also have the tear in her sleeve repaired quite soon I hope.

I will also (and actually have already), emailed Stephenson’s to try and get a replacement pole. I will keep you informed of the progress of this, and also on Wendy’s convalescence.

That’s all for now, the awful truth of Four Go High in the Dales will be reported later today or tomorrow, with graphic detail.

By the way, is it me, or is this new Editor in Blogger really rubbish?

7 thoughts on “WENDY’S WOES

  1. Oops – I'm pretty sure that there's never a good time for that to happen!

    I have a little section of Aluminium tubing that slides over breaks like this. About 4 inches long, maybe 5. Works great as a temporary fixer to get you through a few nights. Not perfect but can get you out of a squeeze. Mine came with my ME Ultralight 1 tent. The tent is gone, but the sleeve remains in my pack.

    Sorry to hear about this, but it does add the yarns at least.

    Look forward to hearing the full report.

  2. But I've got used to the enormous space now!
    She'll be right when she's fixed and has extra stablility.
    I like the Scarp though, and the Trailstar and ….
    Not enough desposable income, that's my problem!

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