Monday 19th Dec 2011
Well my route is now all done and sent in to the Vetters.
I say my route but of course it is AL’s route.
I didn’t do any of it for once, and I must say it was most relaxing.
I have seen the route of course and IT IS ‘AN ABSOLUTE CRACKER‘!
But enough of that, because IF I divulge any of it I will have to kill myself.
AL is too far away to kill me so I would have to do the honourable thing.
However I can tell you a bit about it.
We will be starting on the West coast on Fri 11th May somewhere
and finishing on the East Coast on Thu 24th May somewhere.
So anyway, I had fought off this £^cking cold for about a week now, but it has got me in the end.
I felt a bit crock on Thu & Fri last week and decided there are two ways to get rid of a cold.

Method 1 ……  Plenty of Rest

Method 2 ……  Plenty of Exercise
So feeling much better on Saturday, I decided to employ Method 2.

Jasper was feeling a bit neglected, what with dark evenings, too many hours spent working before Christmas, and I needed to go out, so we went for an 8 mile run.
Anyway, method 2 does not necessarily work, so after spending yesterday standing by the side of a Rugby field watching Olly, by the time I got home I felt to put it bluntly $hit!
Testimony to this was the fact that I slept all the way back in the car, then most of the evening on the sofa and then the whole night in bed (normal practise that though).
In fact I was a bit late getting up today, but after a few drugs (medical) I spent a day working,
(as you do) and actually today I feel ok. Not great but OK.
I am thinking that Method 1 seems to be the better method, and I leave that as advice.


Now I have waxed lyrical about these %^*&ing martyrs before.
You know the ones, bloody people who struggle in germ ridden, snorting their germs over everyone, (and before you say HYPOCRITE, I was NOT coughing and sneezing today, I just felt a bit rough)and causing about 20 working days loss through illness when if they had stayed at home then only 1 person would have been ill for maybe 2 days.

And while we are on the subject bleeding open plan offices and communal air conditioning.
Then you add in the fact that we are a generation now of over cleansing fanatics (not our house I might add), three generations down the line kids will have no immune system.


Anyway, last week I had to run a training session.
The people on it were very pleasant.
BUT! One of them (I will not name them, NOT because I do not want to, I have just forgotten who they were – apparently this is an age thing), had a dreadful cold and a cough.

AND…….Coughs and Sneezes DO spread diseases YOU ARSE!

So where was I? Oh yes, the routes in and we now await the deliberations of the wonderful Vetters.

Lisa Gerrard – Sacrifice
One of my favourite pieces of music of ALL Time.
If this does not make your spine tingle, you have no emotions!
This woman has a stunning voice!
The picture below is for James Boulter who I had the great pleasure of walking with during our Ingleborough debacle

Just to show what the Fens do have to offer in terms of fantastic scenery (just joking James )

And if Lisa Gerrard is NOT to your liking then this is also a brilliant track, and may well be appearing on a future Blog.

Aynsley Lister – Need Her So Bad
Just click on this and listen to the Blues!


  1. That wailing woman reminded me of my ol' Dad singing in the bathroom…
    How do you turn her off? You can't listen to the excellent blues track without her wiling away in the background…

    I think I have caught your cold – I always get one in time for Christmas. Cheers!

  2. Wailing Woman – You Philistine Sloman!

    And it is easy, you just press the Stop button on the U Tube Clip.

    I didn't realise that your Dad was an contralto-mezzo-soprano (interesting range for a man).

    The Blues track is pretty special as well though isn't it.

  3. Had to agree with Alan – didn't like the wailing but the Blues track was awesone – much more to my liking.

    People who go to work to spread their germs, misery and “look at how much more committed I am” smugness should be shot



  4. Had to agree with Alan – didn't like the wailing but the Blues track was awesone – much more to my liking.People who go to work to spread their germs, misery and \”look at how much more committed I am\” smugness should be shotCheersAndy

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