23rd and 24th Dec 2011 

Today, the weather around here being mostly crappy was spent being remarkably idle.
This is mainly the fault of the neverending bloody cold I appear to have.

Now, NOT one to learn the lessons opf previous misdemeanor’s I attempted method 1 again the other day, and blow me down but by the time I got back I felt pretty damned good.
The following day I had to go and collect aged friends of my ageing Mother from Londinium, and blow me down if by the time I got back from there, I did feel a tad on the side of shit again.
Now this may have been the exercise from the previous day, or it may have been the drive down, or it may have just been London Lassitude, but whatever the case I did not feel 100%.
In all honesty I would have been impressed with 75% but I did not even attain that heady goal.

So yesterday in the lead up to some important retail festival, I went and fought my way through the millions of people who were panic buying lest they starve to death for the 48 hours that the shops are shut.
I was behind one family in the queue in Sainsbury, clutching my 2 items, whilst they bought just over £450 worth of food. Mind you, they did look like it was their evening meal, but we will not go there.

Recently I have also followed Alan’s blog for 3 episodes of tangential thought patterns.
I was being a bit blond at the start, but I think I have wrapped my dwindling collection of brain cells round it now. Whatever the case I want some of the stuff he’s taking.

Yesterday I also had to take Olly to ‘M&S’ to do the Rugby Club packing thingy.
By the time it got round to going to collect them, I could not get back due to the ridiculous congestion on the roads around Cambridge, and they had to walk across ton to meet me on the outskirts.
OK, they could have cycled, but it is difficult with 7 buckets full of money.

Are you following the theme of this?
If so let me know what it is please!

Today I fitted a new security light to the front of the house.
The old one has been broken for some time, and Lucy was concerned with security and lack of illumination on her front passage.
I am assuminmg she was talking about the security light, otherwise I may have missed a moment there.
Anyway, the NEW light is excellent, assuminmg that was what she meant.

So, by the time my Mother had come over to drop of stuff, and forget to take home her Christmas present, it was time to take the dog out with Lucy, and we had managed to miss the last of the good weather.

This picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything!

Later that same day……..

Since my daughters friend had commented on the rather pitiful state of our Christmas lights, (all 20 of them), I dug about in the loft and found the old ones.
These I managed to rig up eventually, amidst driving rain and gusts of wind, fought my way through the jammed garage door, plugged them in and voils! Bugger All!

Did you not think of testing them first?” said Lucy.

“Did you not think to tell me to test them first?”, I didn’t say that!

Maybe tomorrow!

So anyway, what has this got to do with walking and blogging?



 Eric Gales (check him out)

Time for a beer!


  1. Alan S … I Tried but no success.
    Had to drink it for you!
    Alan R … Happy Christmas to yoiu too!
    Martin … Happy Christmas!
    No renaming going on here!
    Might change the picture soon though!

    Coming Soon….
    The Boxing Day Walks …. (Might be on 27th though)

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