27th Dec 2011

Apart from the weather which to be honest was not great, Lucy has not been well over Christmas and as I write this, still isn’t.
Indeed she spent most of Chritmas Eve lying down having almost passed out in the kitchen (and NO alcohol was involved before, during or after – genuine illness)

So, instead of Boxing Day walk I took the dog for a run to Cambridge.
I say, to Cambridge, but that was not the actual intended destination.
My intention was to do about an hour.
Any more and Dawg needs a crane to get him in and out of the car.
Also, I still have this stuffed up nose, bloody, bloody, bloody, $%$&&ing, cold thing that I cannot seem to offload.
That might be because I keep going out running of course.

Anyway, we set off at 11.15 (that’s me and dog) intending that Lucy would collect us on the way to her Mother and Father’s house in Cambridge about 12.20.

I had not heard anything by 12.15, so I texted through for pick up point details.

Olly not up yet, he’s being a bit awkward (Teenagers). We will be at least 30 minutes.

Bugger!, I will carry on but start to head towards Cambridge.

Now, my route (there being a lift after an hour?, had taken me overland, away from Cambridge).
So at this point, I was still just under hour from Cambridge, at my rather pedestrian running pace.
I did not tell Jasper, because he goes all misrable hang dog look, and starts to snurkle about.

We gave it another 20 minutes and I rang to report location and check on process.

“Olly Not up yet, we are going to be at least 20 more minutes!”
“OK, I will go to Fulbourn and start heading to Cherry Hinton”

So at Cherry Hinton, I texted!

“At Tesco store will go slowly”
Reply … “Olly only just in shower, at least 20 min”
Text Back “Oh Crap!  Dawg and I are knackered big time!”

At Cherry Hinton (which to be honest, is only about 20 minutes away (if that) I did another check.

“Leaving in about 10 minutes!”

OK, you do the Maths!
We ran to Cambridge, and we got there first! By some margin.

Eventually Lucy arrived and all was good.
Apart from the fact that I was truly Cream Crackered, and the dog was dead on his feet (paws), Lucy was not well, and could not eat, and we had to get back to take the cat to the vet.

Did I mention the cat?

He had a bite on his tail that had become abscessed.
So he was off to emergency vet for extra expensive treatment, and was later to return home with a backside like a Baboon, but minus the dreadful abscess. (Nice).

Did I also mention being kept awake half the night as well, by the other cat that brought in 3 rats for us to play with from the fields at the end of the garden.

Anyone want to know the best way to drop kick a cat over the shed.
(No I didn’t ok, but I had evil thoughts at about 4.15am)

He’d make a good rug though!

TODAY! (27th) I did not get up until a bit later.
I reckon my cold is actually not a cold, but a Sinus infection, because my nose is not a nice place to be, and I would prefer it if it was not attached.

Enough of that……………………………………………..

Continuation of the Blues Theme
Buddy Guy – What Kind of Woman... Is This? – For Lucy …. because!

And the Boxing day Walk?

That’s postponed for about a week.

I have to take my Mum’s friend back to London.
Olly and Harriet to London to spend some of their Chrsitmas Money.
In all honesty they are now richer than I am.
To clarify those combined statements…
They are going to spend THEIR Christmas Money!

Then there is the New Year (when Maybe the New Year Walk if everyone is well enough)
Then back to school for them and Lucy, and also back to earning some money for me to pay for Christmas.

Thank God Al is planning and sorting out all the route and stuff.

I just have NOT got the time!

H A P P Y    N E W   Y E A R !


  1. Those are mighty fine pictures of Lucy that accompany the singing. She looks well enough to me.

    I have now been through our vetter's comments and so I am having a bit of a fiddle with an FWA as Mr Grumpy came up with a fine alternative. I shall adjust the route sheet and send it to all concerned.

    I also think he misunderstood one or two things, so I will clarify those as well. (Probably because I explained it poorly in the first place)

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