4th ~ 9th Jan 2012

The problem with antibiotics is that although they cure the infection.
For the first couple of days you often feel like $hit.
In particular when the dosage (as in my case) is quite high.
I was hoping that by the end of day three I would feel considerably better.
I am a bit on the side of impatient as it happens, which may also be why my recovery period is often longer than it should be!

Later that same week……

So , by day 3, I was feeling a bit better, and by day 4 better still.
Looking good you might surmise!

But woe alas, days 5 and 6 showed a marked decline, and increased chest pain.
Them’s antibiotics are just not cutting it.
So by medication day 7 when I ought to be fighting fit, I am fit for nothing. 

And it is now doing my head in BIG TIME

Now, this lot goes back several weeks to that Typhoid Mary £uck!ng woman on the course I ran just before Christmas, who treated everyone in the room with a fount of festive bloody germs.


So today back to the Dr again, for a different regime of medication.

This time I have a weeks worth of Prednisolone (steroid) 30mg a day, and a different antibiotic for a further week.

The old antibioticis were interesting …..
Amidst many of its legion possible side effects to watch out for and report back to your doctor are tight chest and wheeziness, which are the exact bloody symptoms I already have.
Hmmmmmm! Might struggle to spot that one then..

The steroid is interesting too…..
The other possible side effects are erratic behaviour, minor psychosis mental disturbances and miriad other assorted neurological symptoms.

Some people I know (you know who you are), would probably say that I would never be able to spot that, because it is natural behaviour.

The actual list of known issues and possible side effects, along with DON’T take this if…
run to about a side of A4.

The way things are going I will soon be on as many drugs as Sloman (impossible!)

So, with all this, should I still go out for short walks with the dog, or just lay about inside?
You know what I did eh… Took the dog out! WALK mind, no running.

Too late now now anyway.

So here are a couple of pictures of memories from 2011.
Let’s hope for some good memories for 2012 as well.

Now where are my pills?

That Bloody Coffin at Inverness
How long did it take him to get across that bit?
So much for the High Route

Loch Mullardoch (North Shore) before it rained [Again]

On the way to Cannich

The coffin on Loch Mhor
Pools of Dee (It’s a FWA!!! Lol)

Loch Callater

Sunday Evening at Loch Callater

A little stream on the Monday


Al shares a secret beer, by the waters of solitude

Damn! It’s all over again!

Denis’s brilliant painting

And just before we go, I must mention Lucy.

My wife. 

She is wonderful, kind, beautiful, sexy, and the love of my life.

And yet I still love her.

Love is truely blind!

So in the meantime

A Blast from the Past – You Know You Know – Mahavisnu Orchestra & John McLaughlin

3 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY or IS IT?

  1. I never understand why they can't make pills taste nice?
    After all said & done, they make up a significant percentage of my diet. It would be nice if you could look forward to them…

    Seems like they have you on a kill or cure regime now. I know where there is a coffin going cheap.

  2. I know.
    But they have to make them taste horrible so that children will not eat them as sweets.

    Anyway, are you now abstaining 2 days a week in line with recommended guidelines?????

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