Having felt GREAT for a few days,

I have now managed to get whatever  


My daughter and Sister in Law were circulating.

I suspect that this is because my immune system was so impaired by 14 days of antibiotics,
that it has NO idea how to combat anything.

So although my nose and Chest (at the moment anyway) are clear,
I have one Mother ******** of a sore throat.

Dr says …… “See how it goes”. “Back Friday if no better!

“It goes all sore and painful, that’s how it goes!”

So, I am going to give it a few more days to see if it gets better.

Then if not SOD IT!

I am getting fed up with doing nothing.
I can feel my life wasting away doing nothing.

Is it possible to have a cold for 4 weeks?

I guess based on the fact that everyone I meet,
and everywhere I go, there appears to be an epidemic,
I am unlikely to not get it.

Roll on the Spring and some chance to open the windows and get some fresh air into buildings.

The entire workforce of the country seems to have to work in a gigantic incubator with the germs piped round the never ending air conditioning units.

OK, 100 years ago, we did not have the same medical cover, and infections could often prove fatal.
I just read Roald Dahl’s Boy again ,and his Father died of Pneumonia at 57.
This is a bugger because I am 57.
And my own Grandfather died of Pneumonia at 55!

My point being, that even though health care was nowhere near as good,
the survivers were far fitter than a lot of people now.

On a plus note … they voted against the Allt Duine Windfarm!
(I don’t really like the term farm)

How that will go in appeal who knows.
It looks like developers have Carte Blanche to appeal as often as they like.

Just a few images of those beautiful turbines to cheer you up!

One day all turbines will look like this.

Some already do!

AND NOW …………………………………………

Back to the Blues …..

Julian Sas – Blues for the Lost and Found

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