Yesterday WAS a really nice day.

It is just pretty!

Now that is a Windmill!
Not the abominations that are all over Scotland, Wales and England

Interesting the even Cameron has said that they are oversubsidised and there are too many of them across the English landscape.

This begs two questions though ………

1.   Will he actually do anything about it?
2. Even if he does, will it make any difference to the policies in Wales and Scotland?

and as a follow up, here is an excellent article on the futility of it all.
How long will it take governments to actually act though.

In fact it is so worth a read, here is an extract

By contrast, a storm of protest broke recently over the news that one small conservative think-tank called Heartland was proposing to spend just $200,000 in a year on influencing education against climate alarmism. A day later, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, with assets of $7.2 billion, gave a grant of $100 million to something called the ClimateWorks Foundation, a pro-wind power organisation, on top of $481 million it gave to the same recipient in 2008. The deep green Sierra Club recently admitted that it took $26 million from the gas industry to lobby against coal. But money is not the only reason that the entire political establishment came to believe in wind fairies. Psychologists have a term for the wishful thinking by which we accept any means if the end seems virtuous: ‘noble-cause corruption’. The phrase was first used by the Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir John Woodcock in 1992 to explain miscarriages of justice. ‘It is better that some innocent men remain in jail than the integrity of the English judicial system be impugned,’ said the late Lord Denning, referring to the Birmingham Six.
Politicians are especially susceptible to this condition. In a wish to be seen as modern, they will embrace all manner of fashionable causes. When this sets in — groupthink grips political parties, and the media therefore decide there is no debate — the gravest of errors can take root. The subsidising of useless wind turbines was born of a deep intellectual error, one incubated by failure to challenge conventional wisdom.

SO, where was I?

On a bridge in the middle of the fens, I had a nice chat with a couple of Twitchers.
Yepeven though they were twitchers, that is a bit like train spotting,
we discussed the end of Winter and the start of Spring.


Bloody horrible.

Today we have had winds, rain, sleet and snow.
All day.
That is it.

So horrible that even the cats have stayed in all day.

And so have I



Now, I was hoping that I would get a chance to Seam Seal the tent this weekend.
Maybe I should have done it yesterday, instead of going out for a bike ride.

Indeed, the fact that I appear to have inherited another cold, from someone.
Maybe Olly, or Harriet, or maybe the tosser that was coughing and sneezing over everyone where I was working last week, I know not.
I do know, that I do NOT bloody well want it.
Maybe an early night and a hot bath is called for.

Maybe a LARGE Whiskey!   

Perhaps that is the incentive I need to get some Braemar training in, since I have had nothing since Christmas.

So seam sealing may have to take place in the garage.

BUT….. The garage is full of JUNK.

Now, I could do this job in the bedroom, but there I would not be able to get any tension on the tent.
AND… there is a BIG chance that it would get pee’d on or worse by a cat.

This would then entail the DEATH of the CAT and then DIVORCE.

Maybe I will wait for better weather.

This will of course NOT be next weekend.

Firstly I am going to be at the Snake Pass reunion
Secondly, the weather forecast is not that good for most of the week.

Oh well,  I just have to do it the following week.

Time is getting short though!

Kelly Joe Phelps


  1. I was up your way yesterday in Middenheap seeing Son Number One. I still have your Chally February Newsletter that I failed to post! Doh!
    I'll pop it in the post tomorrow: Promise!
    We had snow down here today in Berkshire too. Horrid.

    Get well, Git Face.

  2. Get the flu next year. You don’t have to be doddering to get it. Just pop into Boots in September and pay the £12 – £15. Worth every penny. It isn’t unusual for me to get numerous colds and chest infections during the winter months but nothing this year not even a sign of anything.
    It’s been that good i might even have 2 next year. Ha.

    The weather was awful here yesterday. Rochdale.
    A little snow too, not the Berkshire snow you understand, no, much colder and harder.

  3. Ah, Alan R.

    I get a free Flu Jab, because of my exercise induced Asthma.
    Unfortunately this is just a common cold virus.
    Anyway, couple of early nights, (or maybe the Whiskey?), and the symptoms seems to have abated (touch wood).
    Might have been the cycling into where I was working today in the ridiculous gusty wind.
    Probably just blew it all away.

    It is just being surrounded by people who have it, but struggle in to work, to make sure that they SHARE! (the bastards)

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