Well, I had nipped off for a nice quiet weekend in the Peaks.
So imagine my horror the next morning when the car park was full of Ramblers,
and I knew nearly all of them!

Alan is saving up to get the other half of his trousers

I jest of course before someone in the Ramblers association gets all shirty!

It was the TGO reunion and the Snake, and Alan hardy had planned another one of his fine routes.
He had also organised some rather splendid weather as well


We headed up right from the top onto Allport Moor.
Then after a slight navigational error, (these are all people who are going to navigate their way across Scotland), we descended down a rather steep hill to pick up the track that runs parallel(ish) to the road.
This is a bit further along than we descended, but it gives an idea
 The weather was getting better all the time, and it was looking like a good day.
After a refreshing walk we eventually arrived at the Snake Road.
An interesting precarious crossing that all survived.

It was time to cross the small weir and head up towards Lady Bower.

It looks wetter than it was. (No it doesn’t)
Map of first section
I am not sure exactly what route we took after that apart from heading along towards Ladybower and then going up into the woods to stop for lunch.
Then it all gets a bit vague, since I did not look at my map, being in sheep mode for most of the rest of the day.

A nice little bridge just the other side of the river.
I like bridges as well.

We head up into the trees for lunch near the start of Ladybower.

After lunch and maybe a dram or two, we headed out into a rather breezy overland section.

So for that bit I will just post a few photo’s

The skies were moody, and the wind blustery, but it was a fine day

Nice walking until we arrived in peat hag land again

Pause for breath

Jane and John arrive

Some fine erosion

And a bit more. I love these rock forms (have I said that before?)

Members of the break away group

After I caught up with the leading group, it became apparent that the rest of the team had vanished.
I decided to wait for them, and if they did not arrive within 15 minutes, then I would just find my way directly down.
The others headed on to the Seal Stones to descend, but I had been there so many times, I fancied a rather more direct route down.

As it happens everyone else arrived within about 5 minutes,
and after going along the ridge path for a while we all freewheeled down the hill.
Just before we went down I found this enormous cheese.

Strange place to find a large fossilized Edam!
Just before crossing the stream on the way back to the Snake.

Alan crosses the stream.
Unfortunately everyone got across with no problems.
Surely I mean fortunately. NO.
I was after action photos. No wet feet at all!

Nearly back
In the final stretch through the trees we found a rope swing.
It was too much temptation!
Chris on the swing

Me with bad hair (again).
Obviously I had to have a go as well.
It worked, but the design applied excess pressure where excess pressure should NOT be applied.
Chris is better with my camera than I am.

At last we were back, although ahead of the break away group who would not arrive for another 25 minutes.
After a bit of socializing in the bar, it was time to head up to get a shower, and more importantly find out the rugby scores.

I reported the scores back downstairs in the bar, and then went back up.
By now the bath had filled, and with a bit of cunning manoeuvring, I managed to position the tv so I could watch the second half of the Scotland v Ireland game whilst soaking in a hot bath.


With the rugby finished, I smartened up, as much as I could and went back for a bit more socializing and the meal.

 OK, I never promised flattering photo’s OK.

Grace was provided by David Towers, and then a jolly fine evening was had in more splendid company, until it was time to return to my room (southern softy that I am).

ALL – ‘With a Little help from my Friends’

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