This is a re publication of my original post from 24th Mar , to see if there is a reason why it does NOT appear on the Blog Lists and if the problem is resolved or NOT.

I converted it back to Draft Mode.
Then Changed the Publication Date
Then Reposted it, and Voila?

So, here it is again. (Sunday to follow)

Today, in preparation for our ‘Theoretical Walk’ across Scotland in May,
I went for a theoretical 50 mile (ish) bike ride.

The off shoot of which is that I now theoretically  have a very sore arse, even though I was wearing cycle shorts.
Not those horrendous lycra ones that look fine on the Tour De France, but which are sadly prolifically sported along with variations on King of the Mountains jersey’s, by an ever growing population of Mid Life Crisis middle aged men, often levered into one size too small.
And don’t even get me started on Mrs B the size 18 lycra gym bunny.

And before anyone says anything, Lucy is a size 10.

But I digress!

I also went for a nice long 10 mile theoretical run yesterday with DOG.

But I was NOT allowed to take him out today,
because I am told that I

“Take him too far and he is old”.
He is not aware of this fact however, so does it matter?

Apparently it does, but it does not matter how far I go.

The other reason for these theoretical journeys, was so I could have a good session with the NX10 camera that I bought from Alan Rayner.

The Samsung NX 10

 It may not be the very latest model, but I can tell you that it does me very well, and it is an excellent bit of kit.
No good at all for the really ultralight mob, because with the rather fine Samsung 15-55 lens and battery in place it comes in at around 700g.

The camera body on its own weighs in at 413g with battery.

To give you an idea of size rather than the weight

So it really sits somewhere between a normal SLR,
and a compact digital.

I also have a Pentax K200D which I got because I already had a load of lenses that I had had for years with my really old Pentax ME Super.

The K200 is a nice camera, but rather heavy to carry on long trips,and although my little Pentax Optio is very light, it is just not up to the sort of photo’s I want to take.

The other thing that drew me to this was the fact that there is a very reasonably priced adaptor (around £30) that you can get to convert it to any Pentax K lens.
OK, you lose most if not all  of the automated functionality, but if you have a bit of photo knowledge, which I guess you would have if you were going to buy the adaptor, it means that this little beauty will also work with ALL my Pentax lenses, including the 18-50 that came with the K200D.

All in all for ME anyway, a bit of a result.

So yesterday we went for a bit of an amble round the Fens.
The photo’s are just to show the results of the camera.
Similar scenes have appeared in this blog before, so no point in describing the journey.

All these were taken with the Camera Set to ISO 400

The old Clunch pits again, using Automatic camera setting

This one and the others, were taken using Aperture adjustment and letting the camera choose the speed.

Black and White rather than Colour, with a bit of depth of field jiggery pokery on the Aperture

Same image obviously with Colour

SPRING?  It could be Summer (sadly it probably is, July and August will be SHIT  🙂

Dawg, before I was not allowed to take him.
NOW, does he look unhappy and crippled to you?
OK, he is standing still.

This one has a story!
The bank is a lot steeper than it looks, and I dropped the lens cap,
which rolled down and luckily got wedged in a pile of twigs,
suspended 6″ above the water.


 Today’s bike ride.

I did not actually take very many photo’s today, even though I took the camera.
To be honest, much of the scenery was rather SAMEY!

Very Very Flat and Brown!

The map below, shows the rough route, it is NOT interactive, what would be the point!

Looks more impressive on 1:50000, but I have not enough room for all those maps here

So, here are the ONLY photo’s (well a few of them anyway ).

This time I did have the adaptor, and so I took my very old 50mm lens with a Polarising filter on it.
In fact, the older lenses, get an increase is focal length when used with digital cameras.
I cannot remember the exact increase, but I think it is between 20 and 30 percent, so this lenses is about 60 to 65 rather than 50.

Having cycled bloody miles and miles, I did find this little gem off the edge of the cycle way, about 2½ miles after leaving Ely.

These where taken with my old 50mm original pentax ME Super lens + adaptor + polarising filter

And so, in conclusion, this is the camera I will be taking on the Challenge this year.
I just need to work out something that weighs 400g that I do not need to get the weight back.

I can tell you now, it won’t be the Jura, the Sloe Gin, or the Jelly Baby’s….

I’ll think about it!

If I carry it in a camera case on my belt, but NOT inside th rucksack, it doesn’t count does it, so I have just saved myself 800g including the case.

Theoretically then that is a RESULT!

I could describe the bike ride, but it would be boring, and also unfair to inflict on you too many details of the sore backside I had for the last 4 miles.

Nuff said, but I did find a very old tube of Sudacreme that came in rather handy.

No pictures fortunately!

As a footnote to that though………………….

My tip of the day: Bath water is 100% hotter on the sore bits than any other part!

Just in case you still want to look at our theoretical route across Scotland, here it is again!


The map above is interactive.
Use the controls or mouse and scroll wheel to scroll the map and also to zoom in and out.
You can go to 1:25000 beyond that you lose detail.
Big Eyed Beans from Venus – Captain Beefheart (Man that takes me right back)

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