I do not know if the following are grounds for divorce proceedings or not,
but I am seeking advice on this matter.

It is now 4½ days (maybe less by the time you read this) until I have to get on the Sleeper train from Euston to Glasgow, for this years TGOC Challenge.

Thankfully without that f***ing coffin.

Lucy’s 50th Birthday June 2011

BUT… Here is the point.

It is less than a week to the actual start, and my lovely wife Lucy, has come home from work with a really grotty cold.
She is a primary school teacher, which is about the only reason that she cannot at present accompany me, even though she would love to.

But that is NOT the point of this.

As much as I love her

It is one of those coughy snotty ones.

 The ones that IF I get them, can play havoc with my mild exercise induced asthma,
if it gets onto my chest.
The sort that can descend for me into another dose of £***ing antibiotics if it all goes tits up.
The sort that can really bugger up a Challenge.

Now, at this point I have NOT got it (yet).
I have many things crossed, including things that should never be crossed.

I DO NOT want this !!!

So here is my question really.

IF I was to get this cold 5 days before the Challenge


Added ..  23:00hrs Sun 6th May.
Touch wood Lucy is getting better (soon I will be able to talk to her without the mask)

Black Dahlia By Porcupine Tree Lyrics

9 thoughts on “GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE

  1. For better or worse Andrew, for better or worse.
    never forget, because Lucy won't.
    (Sorry about the deleted comment)Spelling mistake. Touche.

  2. The bad news, Andrew, is that you'll have a cold for a couple of days before any symptoms emerge. So, its probably too late anyway.

    Just thought I'd cheer you up.

  3. Hmm. I've been surrounded by sniffles, splutters and colds this week. Two of my own offspring, which is just an attempt at sabotage and I sat next to a snuffling Brownie on Thursday (not randomly, I do it every week, they're just not always snuffling) who was coughing too much for my liking.

    I'm a tad worried…

  4. I am in the middle of shaking off a miserable cold. I have not been out for a proper walk since coming back from the Lakes. If you re-infect me with a cold, you're a dead man…

    Personally, I think it's a risky business threatening to divorce a wife who is grinning at you whilst holding a big knife in her hand.

  5. Very nice of you to say that Carl.

    Of course, she is lovely, although at the moment she has this cold and is miserable.
    Not helped by the fact that everyone here is keeping their distance lest they get infected.
    Of course, I have said NONE of this to Lucy.

    I am not insane!

    I can stumble along with a cold, but not major damage.
    She's 'ARD is Lucy.
    She's forgotten more about Hill walking, and Mountain climbing than I have ever know.
    And that is no lie, ask Sloman.

    So, in 4 days and 2 hours time I will be carrying my stuff to the station to get the train to London to get the sleeper.

    How many times can I repack my rucksack on Wednesday?
    I feel a blog post coming on 🙂

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