View along North Morar Ridge (Day 2 – Sat)

So, what happened there?

One minute I was off and then it was all over, and now I am back in the real world.
My body at least, but my mind?

God knows!

It was an interesting year, what with all the seasons at extremes over the two weeks.
Pretty wet and cold on the first week and a bit, and then just Bloody Hot, for the last few days.

Harder I think in the hot than the cold and wet.
You can always put more on when it is cold (unless you have packed too light), but you can only take so much off when it is hot.

Anyway, I had a great time, and another great crossing.
OK, some days were a bit harder than others, but all in, there have been worse years,
although with 53 not making it, that is a big number.
It will be interesting to see the stats on that at a later stage.

So, THANK YOU to all those great people I met and walked with.
To OLD and NEW friends.

And in particular to Mr Sloman, who suffered my company for two whole weeks, what a saint.

Cheers big fella.

Somehow, I lost Al at Kings Cross on the way home.
I have no idea what happened there,
and I did not get a chance to say au revoir or to thank you mon ami,
for your great company, and also patience.
One minute you were behind me, when I was nattering to Mick, and then (?????).
Hope you are recovering, and we’ll catch up at some point I hope.

The full Challenge report will becoming shortly or eventually (in installments).

You can read all about the journey up HERE

Until then have a good one all.
I have gardening and work and a ton of other stuff to catch up on.
It appears that the world does not stop while you do the Challenge.

5 thoughts on “AND YOU’RE BACK IN THE ROOM (TGO 2012)

  1. Firkin 'ell Andrew, some folk are quick off der mark!

    Did Dave really make it back? ………… or was he eaten at Invermallie – memory is a bit of a haze – canibalism was mentioned.

    Hopefully, your takeyourtimebutdoitquickly 2012 trip report will reveal all.

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