Fri 6th Dec 2013

A Stroll in the Royal Park with Alan Sloman

Corey Stevens – It’s Over

I drove down to Al’s place reasonably early(ish) on 6th so we could have a walk round the royal park before having a final planning meeting for the TGOC.

The weather was good, and I had not walked around Windsor since I was a wee lad, and that is a bleeding long time ago.

So we set off and parked up, and meandered slowly over to the Palace, and a pub for bite of lunch (or NOT as it turned out, and a beer or in Al’s case 3)

No commentary here, not my normal rambling story line.
Just some rather fine pictures of the Park.

Can’t beat a nice B&W tree picture

Unless it is maybe Sepia


I say lunch, but there were NO tables, 
and they couldn’t really do lunch because they were very busy with business types who had booked tables, 
but not turned up yet, and 
we couldn’t possibly use their table even though they would


So I had a small beer and Al had several and some nuts and some pork whatsits and some more beer and then we walked back

Deer crossing on the way back.
I could have done with a bigger zoom lens
George I believe (might not be), with a twee pose

On the way back, the sun was dropping, and despite the fact that many of the leaves had already fallen, and it was now Dec, there were still some pretty fantastic reds and browns brought out by the dusk light

Bloody Beautiful

And then it was back to Al’s and planning, and a meal, and a few glasses of wine and a very sociable evening, where I also met his neighbours cute Puppy. (Not Al’s favourite though).

Suddenly it was gone midnight, and time for a a bit of sleep after a quick check on the Test match to add a bit of depression to an otherwise excellent day.

We lost that TEST, and we are losing this one too as I write this!

And the next day I came back.

Our TGOC Route has now I believe gone off to the Vetter.


5 thoughts on “A STROLL IN THE PARK

  1. Nice trees, deer.
    I like your style:
    Get the cheese and wine party location sorted out and then submit your route plan.
    I hope you both have a superb crossing in some super weather because we deserve it!

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