After the demise of my truly excellent Reebok Trail Shoes that they sadly no longer make

Originally like this
After 18 months Hard Graft
and several hundred miles
(at least 700)
I had to find a NEW pair.
I like Innov 8’s for comfort, but not so much for running daily off road, and especially as they have the life expectancy of 
a Butterfly in a Wind Tunnel.
I often use NEW Balance, but having wider feet it means I need an E fitting in that.
And being a cheapskate I was NOT going to pay full whack.
So eventually (having used them in the past for Road Running, I went for a pair of Brooks GTX
I got these from SportsShoes via Amazon
Out of the box they looked good.
They did come up slightly smaller in fit than my Reeboks, or the Innov 8’s
I have broad feet (not quite Hobbit) so need a wide fitting
But as long as I was using thin socks this was no problem.
They did feel tight in my Sealskinz, but since they are GTX that should NOT be a problem
So, several months and a few hundred miles later, how are they doing?

Very little wear on heel cup or stitching.
Good Quality
Little sole wear

This is a totally subjective thing.
Never judge a review on comfort unless the person has YOUR FEET, YOUR BODY and YOUR BRAIN.
Meaning if it ain’t you it probably is not mission critical.
I have found them reasonably comfortable with the correct socks.
As I say unlike the Brooks shoes I have had in the past, I thought they came up slightly smaller. Probably about a ½ size
But they were fine, and I am still using them.
These have lasted really well so far.
They have been used since about October, and the weather to say the least has been WET
They have been trough MUD HELL and back.
I would say on average they do about 25-30 miles a week minimum.
So, doing the Maths at say 4½ month = 18 weeks at 25 a week, that is at the very least 450 miles
I have done all my running & walking with them OFF ROAD.
Well, they are TRAIL SHOES.
There is very little sign of wear on the uppers or the sole as you can see.
And more importantly, there is NO wear on the stitching in the heel cup, which is brilliant.
Because apart from wear on the soles, and fraying, this is for me the biggest failing of the Innov 8’s
So, wear and tear is very good for me.
But these have been quite acceptable.
Easily as good as the Reebok’s and my old New Balance, and the Roclite GTX’s
The upper is mesh, and with some pace, they do not get breached.
Stand in a puddle with water over the mesh, then they DO leak.
Plunge your foot into a deep puddle and they fill with water, and that is it.
They have a Gortex lining and it WILL take time to dry.
BUT, having said that, they dry reasonably quickly.
You do need a stiff breeze, some time or a lot of Newspaper and a radiator.
The Stability has been good.
On normal ground, the grip is also good, even in the wet.
Both walking and running and on various terrain.
The weakness appears to be in mud, where the sole is not quite up to the job.
I found in slippery mud, they slide about and you tend to lose most of the grip.
OK, they are NOT fell running shoes, and they are NOT Cross Country spikes, but they need more grip in mud.
Especially when you need that extra grip on the edges.
For me it just was not there and I slid too much.
So, would I consider another pair? YES, at the right price
Would I get a ½ size bigger? YES
Will my NEXT pair of Trail Shoes be Brooks? Probably NO
Should you buy them at the full asking price? NOT in my opinion
That’s it really.
And No Music???
What is going on??
You can always click below ……………………
Tina Dico – The Other Side 


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