Review North Ridge Waterproof Mitts C/O Go Outdoors (First Look)

This is a LONG overdue FIRST look.

I owe a huge apology to Go Outdoors for not doing anything sooner.

Unfortunately 2 things have conspired to get in the way of this.

  1. We haven’t had a winter down here, it just has NOT been cold
  2. I couldn’t get away as I would have liked due to a catalogue of  misfortune.
    Below are just the main 2
    1. I fell off my bike and buggered my knee
      This ended up with continued bursitis
      (being drained shortly)
      tearing the meniscus on left knee AGAIN 😦
      which is being repaired on 3rd June.
    2. Getting a grade 2 calf strain, which is a bit of a recurrent injury, and probably caused by running/walking with a bad action due to buggered knee.

So anyway, a long time ago, I was approached by the very nice people at
Go Outdoors to review these Waterproof Mitts.

Go Outdoors North Ridge Waterproof Mitts

Normal price £70, BUT currently £49.99 with card

The site spec says

A waterproof mitten with Primaloft insulation for extremely cold conditions.

The North Ridge Waterproof Winter Mitts are ideal for anyone who really feels the cold during the wet winter months. 

Designed for maximum warmth they have PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation and a waterproof, breathable lining for maximum comfort. A super soft wicking lining and individual finger pockets help to keep finger tips snug as well as improving dexterity. 

The outer is made from tough Cordura® fabric with a full Pittards® leather palm for durable grip. A one-handed drawcord at the wrist makes it easy to adjust or vent the mitts as you need without taking them off.

Out of the packet, they look reasonably robust.

Mitts with wrist ties and also pole hoops on view

They are not spectacular, but a good blend of nylon outer and a leather palm that feels slightly plastic to touch.

I need to see how the grip on that is in the wet.
And also how waterproof they really are.
We shall find out shorty.

Certainly on, they feel snug and warm.

They are NOT plain mitts as it says, but have inner fingers.
I usually like my gloves to be gloves, and my mitts to be mitts, so we shall see how these go.
The inner gloves are built in, and cannot be removed, so you cannot turn them inside out to dry as far as I can see.
But I guess IF they are fully waterproof, then that will NOT be a problem.
They also have a variety of ties and clips to stop water going up the inside, and also to help when using with Ski Poles or walking Poles

Below are some pictures of the mitts.

I have not tested them yet properly in the field, but I have given them a good inspection and a good tug about.

The stitching seems good, and there are no apparent loose threads.

If we ever get a cold snap down here before April, I will take them out on the bike to see how they do.

A couple of years ago I would have dragged them off to rugby grounds all over the country.
But now that No 1 son is away playing I do not get to see as many matches.
And anyway, he is off to NZ next year to play.

And that is a LOOONNGG commute.

Back to the Mitts………………………..

First impressions are ok.

They fit well, and are comfortable.

I normally buy an (L) in gloves although to be honest, my hands are not that big.

They do 2 sizes

S-M  and L-XL

These are the L-XL.

I reckon that IF you had quite large hands then these would come up a bit tight.

They seem to be quite warm, but they do have fingers and at times my fingers have poor circulation, so we shall see how they do on a wild camp on a cold Scottish Mountain shortly.

I know this was a BIT short.

BUT…..I am off to Aviemore and then the Monadhliath in April (right at the start), with Messrs Sloman and Evans

So I will give these a proper hammering then.

I am also going to take them to the Lakes in the 2nd week April and on the TGOC.

If they survive that, then I will post a proper longer term review.

2 thoughts on “Review North Ridge Waterproof Mitts C/O Go Outdoors (First Look)

  1. That sixth pictures has been lifted from JAWS, hasn't it?
    You mentioned Scotland in this piece – be very careful – there are Scots out there who don't take kindly to someone from middle England talking about them…

  2. Yes, I saw a rant on Al's blog about Scotland. As for mits. Is it just me who has a problem with every pair ever tried? Fine until you take them off on the hill then try to get them back on again with slightly damp or sweaty hands. They ought to line them with teflon or summat.

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