LUXE HexPeak Pitch 3 SORTED-It works HAPPY (Well almost……..)

Friday 14th March – SUCCESS


So having pondered on this, I decided after measuring poles and sinkage and stuff, that the REAL height of the pole above ground level was actually just on 130 cms


AND ………………………………………………………..

BOB was correct in the height issue.

I probably am also getting better at pitching it.

I would have got a pole extender from BOB, and possibly still will when he gets them sorted for the Flip Click Poles.

But being bloody impatient, and NOT happy with the idea of Gaffer Tape or Ski Straps, I bust out and bought from Absolute Rock a pair of CHEAP, but quite OK Trekking poles that extend to 150cm (145 above Ground).

These are NOT the lightest, and they are ONLY 2 parts.
They are also looking at them NOT the most robust.

BUT.. They weigh NO no than my old Pacer Poles, and come as a pair with the benefit that

  1. I don’t have to carry 3 poles (1 for the tent)
  2. I can double pole and I think that will easily make them rigid enough.

So I set about putting it up as I would.

Pitching out the 1st 4 main points (door closed).

Then lightly the back point.

Opened it up and set up the POLE (at 136cm above ground level height), so extended to 141cm

Did door up and staked out the rest.

Opened door.
Adjusted pole to be upright.

Put the inner in as per instructions.

Putting in Front first, then back 2 outers and finally the centre back.

I am still going to change the inner guys to 2mm shock Chord, because I think it will make it better, but I did not bother for this pitch.

DID use 2 of the very small purple stakes that came with the HEX to pin the front of the inner to the ground.
Not needed, but makes it MUCH easier to get the tension and the height correct.

Attached the inner to the TOP hook and adjusted height (again on 3mm Guy).


This is MUCH, MUCH better.

In fact, RESULT!

Far more room inside.
Inner away from the outer, and also INSIDE the outer when up.


I am now thinking that I will probably take the Hex to Aviemore and also on the Daunder.

I will probably still take WENDY WARMLITE on the Challenge though

We shall see after the next 2 pitches.

I will do another trial pitch in garden before I go, to make sure I am happy.

Below are some NEW pictures of the successful pitch

Need to work on fine tuning the outer to remove some of the pull lines.
But it is NOT cut on a catenary curve like the TS, so this may be impossible

Rear anchor, slightly lower.
I am still going to use a Blizzard Stake at the back.

Looking in through door.
With correct height, the TUB now works

Also, there is NOW clearance at all the inner anchor points, but no real slack to hang in

Ample Clearance now on ALL the inner points

Inside now there is more room.
I will I think also get better adjustment when I change the guys to shock cord.

I am 5′ 10½” and there is ample room now I have it right.
I do however think that anyone over 6′ would struggle

Sunny view from the door.
There is a huge amount of space in the porch area.
I will probably take my TS ½ Groundsheet to use in this

My only major change was the heftier 3mm guy ropes and the use of PROPER pegs.

The Shock Cord change to the inner is NOT necessary, but I do think it improves it.

In high wind I think you would still get slip through the guy rope adjusters, and I may change these for better ones.
But I will see what happens in the Cairngorms at the start of next MONTH

SO BOB sorted.
You were totally correct with Pitch Height.


NOT all is rosy in the Garden!!!!

I was looking at changing the 1mm slidy slippy cord to 2mm shock cord on the inner

Whilst doing this I looked at both the outer and the inner in detail.

Now I have already said that this is a good value bit if kit,
BIT it ain’t to the quality of MLD and Oookworks stuff.

I do NOT know where LUXE get this manufactured.
BUT I can say that they REALLY need to look at quality control.

AND since I need this for a an expedition in the next 10 days, I have fixed the issue with some hand sewing.
But I REALLY Really Really Really should NOT have to do this.

The quality of my MLD TS and OOOKSTAR was second to NONE!!

BUT the following pictures show some of the (IMO) shoddy manufacturing standards that I have seen on my HexPeak.

LUXE really need to get on top of this.

This is potentially a great shelter, let down by the people manufacturing it.

I say manufacturing….!!!!!!

Looking at people I know on TWITTER.
I am NOT the only person to question THIS ……………..


You need to get this sorted out ASAP!!!!!!

I have contacted you about this

Of course Had I not paid £159.00 to buy this, I might not be blogging about it.
I may have been feeding back to LUXE issue they could have then fixed and thus created the GREAT SHELTER that this OUGHT to be!!!!

Some flaws in the HexPeak Manufacturing Process!!!

And I have found others as well…..

Tear in floor of inner.
as well as signs of worn material.
I Have NOT even used this in the hills!!!
Another view of poor quality control on the inner

SO large a hole, this pencil gives perspective
The poor stitching on the top loop.
I believe that according to LUXE, you should be able to hang the shelter from this
Bloody sure I wouldn’t.

I have emailed LUXE about these issues!!

11 thoughts on “LUXE HexPeak Pitch 3 SORTED-It works HAPPY (Well almost……..)

  1. Got to say the boarders are not good still. Get the spade out and tidy those up. Grass is under control now – grant you that. As for the inner Bob needs to talk to Luxe and have it replaced. Piss poor. made in China by the way.

  2. Well done mate good piece of work, it's dry here today so shall give it a go. Agree with workmanship I have lost one of the mini poles in the tub, came through the material. As for slip in the guy rope adjusters, I tie the excess guy line of with a quick release half hitch at the adjuster so far this has worked for me, because it does slip in windy conditions to some degree.

  3. Well done mate good piece of work, it's dry here today so shall give it a go. Agree with workmanship I have lost one of the mini poles in the tub, came through the material. As for slip in the guy rope adjusters, I tie the excess guy line of with a quick release half hitch at the adjuster so far this has worked for me, because it does slip in windy conditions to some degree.

  4. I use a slight adaptation of this method that Colin Ibbotson described for linking poles together to provide a Duomid central support:
    Colin’s pole support system has the advantage that you can use it with any diameter and length of poles and the pitch height can easily be adjusted while your tent is up.
    I am with you the excellent Oookworks quality, top class.
    See you in Mallaig?

  5. Lucy did the borders this morning while I was rebuilding my bike ready for next weekend.
    Bob is on the case.
    I am going to use it in its repaired state.
    See what happens with LUXE.

  6. To date I have heard nothing from Luxe themselves.
    I will take this to Scotland unless the forecast is severe for 1st week of April, and give it a big test. Then see if anything else fails.
    After that I will report back here, and to Bob.

  7. This is why I have not purchased the hex peak after owning both the mini peak 2 and sil peak 2013. Quality is not great, stitching is worse and they cannot withstand windy environments in the long term. Also the peak of the shelters need reinforcing where the pole rests. Luxe would be onto a winner if these issues were addressed.

  8. Did you ever got a response from LUXE? I'm thinking of buying this tent to backpack through Scotland. But your review made me think twice… I rather have some confirmation that the issues you addressed are taken care of.

  9. Sorry about delay, been away up a hill.Luxe say they have put in new quality control measures and that several of the issues will be redressed in the next generation.Martin Rye borrowed one from Bob recently (same version) and certainly it did NOT appear to suffer from some of the issues I had.He put a review on Bob's Site.I am still using mine, but may sell it on at a reduced price soonish, because I need a light 3 person tent.If I don't sell it, I am going to use it on the TGOC next year.That is all I know.I was hoping LUXE may be in contact again but that was the last I heard.

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