Luxe sil hexPeak – Final comments pitching and improvement ideas

LUXE Sil-HexPeak in Cumbria in somewhat Wet and Windy Conditions!

Well, I have taken Helga hexPeak out for another run in the Lakes, and I have to say, she grows on me each trip.

In fact, I could even be tempted to take her on the TGOC, but the extra space and the weight of the TS are the controlling factors there.
Plus the fact that I have a Trailstar and Oookstar inner, and snazzy Cuben Tub for the porch area!

So in Cumbria in very windy conditions (Gusting to 50+ mph), she was absolutely bomber.

First night pitch in sheep field.
Good flat but VERY wet ground.
You needed the bigger pegs
Rock Steady all night in high wind and then later on rain.
No leaks, no buffeting.
However you knew it was blowing a gale because of the noise of the Laser Competitions

Helga Looking Very Stable despite VERY gusty winds.
The scarp behind was good but still buffeted.
You can see the distortion from the wind to the Laser Comp and the Akto.
The TS is rock steady, and the hex (despite the uneven ground was also rock solid)

In this one you can see even better the force of the wind.
the hex didn’t budge.
A different windy pitch, but still rock steady.
The tufty ground does effect being able to get a really smooth pitch with no ruffles.
But she did not move!

Compared to the Laser Comp and Akto in the distance.
Both steady but a lot more flapping about.
The Scarp looked good though

Since I added the cross bracing straps at the bottom between the front and back sides, she has been much easier to get set up at the right height.

Far quicker. (See later picture on pitching)

In fact she is actually easier to pitch than the TS in wind.

Having said that, the existing inner is still not exactly right, and on uneven ground, it can be a bit of a FAFF to get the inner the correct separation from the outer.

This is more to do with the cut of the inner though.

Having needed to pitch at 133 cm because of the roughness of the ground, she really really needs to be pitched at a minimum of 138 cm (anywhere) as was stated by BOB. I normally pitch at 140 cm and this makes the inner work far far better, because the height allows less flapping in the sides.

The sewing I have done and extra sealing on the inner and outer held up completely. (See earlier Posts)  Inner Issues  and First Proper Wild Pitch
I think that was (for the inner) mainly due to the addition of elasticated shock cord rather than static cord. This takes a huge amount of tension of the sewing on the tie points and allows for flexing in wind.

So briefly, because you don’t want to have to read heaps, what are the improvements that LUXE should look at?

  1. OUTER?

    Pretty Much sorted.
    As long as they are rigorous in the quality control of the seams and especially tie points it is very good.
    BUT, quality control is paramount, because there is a heck of a lot of tension on it.


    Make sure you put the straps that come with it on before you pitch it.
    I did not do this and it made it so much harder

    AND… Change the 2mm static cord guys for 3mm.

    This stops all the slip when trying to tension it up.

    Actually it should be distributed with 3mm NOT 2mm

  2. PEGS!

    They are WAY TOO short.

    Just change them yourself until the tent comes with bigger ones.

    I use a couple of MSR Blizzard Pegs
    and also Clamcleats Tornado Titanium Pegs plus a couple of Bobs skinny pegs for the inner.

    With the small purple ones it comes with, you have NO CHANCE of pitching it in windy or wet ground without the possibility of disaster.



    See diagram below for my pitching & inner ideas and modifications.

    I think it explains it better than words.

I may well come up with some more ideas after more use in the summer

Inside the hex on very uneven ground where getting even height was difficult.

Due to difficulty of height on uneven ground, the inner is a bit slack.
A couple of mid inner ties on the seam edges to pull to the outer with adjusters
like on the Trailstar Oookstar would I think help a lot

The front porch area is good, and plenty of room to Cook and stow your gear.
The fact that the INNER door only opens at one end makes it a pain if the slope of the ground require you to sleep the other way round.
Having the door with an inverted T zip would make the inner so much more flexible.
Oh yes, and a pocket at both ends!!!

I have to say, despite my comments on inner improvements and design.


AND for the £159.00 delivered price
Excellent value.

NOW, I would LOVE to see LUXE add those improvements to the inner of the next Generation

7 thoughts on “Luxe sil hexPeak – Final comments pitching and improvement ideas

  1. The hex is a tent I have used in atrocious winter conditions and it has come through just fine. It has survived high winds, deep snow and flood. It has the Oook inner which is ideal. The pole I use is the one that came with the tent, there isa modified carbon pole but I would not trust itin bad conditions.

  2. I agree. I use walking poles, but mine go up to 145 cm so are ideal.I would always double pole though.I would love to see Luxe improve the inner though.If they did that it would to my mind be one of the best all round value for money tents in the market.

  3. Are you two talking at cross purposes?I thought Dawn had an SL3 with an Oooknest, and Andy's talking about a Luxe SilHexPeak from Bob Cartwright at I losing it here?:-)(Just published this again after ticking the box so I can get the follow up comments)

  4. Similar design though.Martin Rye really rates his big time. It was on the TGOC last year.The SL3 is a bit bigger than the hex. And a tad more expensive too.Although if someone was to give me one I would happily use it.Definitely a bit more headroom and floor space.

  5. SL is stunning and I see it as my winter, and group shelter. I have a SoloMid XL on order for those solo, come light fast trips. But the SL3 is that good despite the flaws I will never let it go.I'm impressed with the Hex and want to have a play. I would take it Andy to Scotland, but I'm a Mid fanboy. 360 protection, no crawl and room to sit up with ease.

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