Either I sell a load of stuff off or it’s DIVORCE, so help me out here

It has come to my attention that I have far too much crap I never use.
And with that in mind I am having a clear out.

All Prices are open to reasonable offers.

And Postage will be extra, BUT I haven’t worked out how much it will cost yet.
I would guess that for larger items it will cost approx £10 and smaller ones between £3 and £5
That will depend whether you want it sent as special delivery or not.
It is cheaper if I use MyHermes, but you have to be in to receive

Preferred method of payment is via Paypal.

So, without Further ado, here is the list of Sale Items

The details can be found further down.

This is quite a long post because there are a LOT of pictures to show all the items in detail

All Items are used, and the price asked for reflects the usage
Price does NOT include Postage
Preferred Payment will be through Paypal or Cheque or Online banking
(depending upon if I know you or not)
If items are sold they will be marked in right column & shaded
Blank (Unsold), S = Sold, O = Under Offer

All Items are used, and the price asked for reflects the usage
Price does NOT include Postage
Preferred Payment will be through Paypal or Cheque or Online banking
(depending upon if I know you or not)
If items are sold they will be marked in right column & shaded
Blank (Unsold), S = Sold, O = Under Offer
Approx Wt (Kg/g)
if applic
Approx Cost Now
exc Shipping
Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R
exc Pegs
(May consider splitting
if no takers on complete
MLD Trailstar (Yellow)
exc Pegs (But NO Wait)
$220 + $25
Ookworks Inner 3 yrs old
Full Silnylon back Chikara Floor
Mesh Front
£150 ono
Cuben Door Shield
Custom Cuben Tub Porch Floor
£70 delivered
Complete Bundle Price (For a done deal & quick sale)
SATMAP Active 10.
Recent service & Upgrade
In Original boxes
Full UK North 1:50000
Pennine way 1:25000
National Trails 1:50000
Bike Mount & Bike back
3 x Spare Screens
Golite Quest 65L
Kimmlite 55+
Tatty Old Exos 46
Once used by Alan Sloman
Meindl 4 Season Boots UK 11
5 years old but worn only 3 times
Hitec V-Lite Hornet HPI UK 11
Used on 2 trips
+ delivery
Salomen Pro GTX Shoes UK 11
Used but good condition
ECCO Andes mens Walking Sandles EU 40
Brand new in box
Jet Boil  (Scruffy but Functional)
No gas or gas cylinder base
Pocket Rocket in case
Pacer Poles (pair) Aluminium
Rab Latok Jacket (Red)
Used but functional

Additional Information about all the items and photos are below with Links to Relevant Websites if needed

Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R

£150 delivered, so you get this fabulous tent for £140 (are you kidding?)


This is a mighty fine tent, and fairly bomb proof with a huge inside capacity, that is OK for two and palatial for one.
She has done many trips including the TGOC.
I do love her, but I just have too many tents.

Her name is Wendy, and the name has to saty.

In use in Dartmoor last year

Inside looking towards the lower end.
You can see the single skin cone at the end and the double skin reflective side wall


These next 3 show size (they were taken before stays added)

Rear Tie Hoops

The tent was repaired in 2012 by Sean at Oookworks due to a pole tearing the rear pole sleeve.
Additional guy points were also added to improve stability.
Note the damage was during 60mph + gusts just below the summit of Ingleborough.
NOT normal conditions.

Sean’s Repair Patch

Additional ties (1 of 3) added at the back to give better securing options.
This is in line with the 2C.
The repair and ties were added by Sean at Oookworks.
Not a home repair.

Three images of the 3 repaired ties in detail

This is from left to right looking down as per 4th photo

The rear hoop sleeve showing repair and additional tie points

There is also a repair to a tiny set of perforations in the floor towards the front.
This was repaired with tenacious tape.
NOTE.. This is not a tear, just some small holes caised most likely by a spiky twig.
I have had NO leaks through this since the repair back in 2010 and she has been out quite a lot.

Repair tape in floor

Just shows tent near door

Front and back pre formed Aluminium poles.
I always keep them and travel with them in bubble wrap.

Tent packed in carry sack with poles inside

NOTE… This comes with everything except the Tent Pegs.
               You have to supply them.
                I use an MSR blizzard stake at the back, and Clamcleats for the rest.

Plus Cuben Door and Cuben Tub

Bundle Now SPLIT and some sold

TRAILSTAR & Oookworks Cuben Door is SOLD

OOOKSTAR INNER delivered £150 (still available)


This also has been used on quite a few trips including the TGOC on m ore than one occassion.

See above Table for weights (in stuff bags)

I am pricing it as a complete bundle which includes:
MLD Trailstar in Yellow silNylon  (fully seam sealed)
Oookworks Nest Inner.
This is a chikira floor, with full silnylon back and a mesh front.
There is also a Cuben Fibre Tub shaped floor which can be used as a porch with inner, OR on it’s own.
And a Cuben Door
All these are Oookworks
The inner has 2 very tiny repairs using Tenacious tape.
The main one being where the centre door tie has come away.
That is also supplied, so you could sew it back on if needed, but I didn’t bother
The second is a precaution not a repair.
There are pictures of all this below
These are very hard to get hold of, and it is in debate whether they will be available now again.

OOOKWORKS OOOKSTAR (for TS) £150 delivered      (SOLD)

Repair Patch in floor near door opening

Precaution patch behind inner to outer shock cord tie point

Mesh Doors showing silNylon Back

Small patched hole in front of floor where the tag pulled away.
This would be easily repaired.
But the tenacious tape has worked perfectly for a whole TGOC and Lakes trips.

Inner hanging
Cuben Door
Hanging in Window.
It goes the other way up in the TS
Inner in bag along with Cuben ½ Tub Floor and Door


The Cuben Floor/Porch was a custom build from Sean.
Dimensions and Photo’s are as below.
It is NOT a square Tub like standard OookTub

Cuben Tub Floor/Porch
Tub/Porch Dimensions (Not to Scale)

The height of the Tub is approx (10cm)

I have darned a couple of corners to reinforce because the small plastic uprights were starting to push through the sewing.

I am just over 5′ 10″ Tall to give you an idea of real size

Tub floor in bag
On the TGOC in 2014
I am sitting in the Front Porch area on the Porch Tub

As you can see. I did not put the porch floor up very well.
Too much party mode
Inside the TS (not with the groundsheet/porch)

SATMAP ACTIVE 10 (Upgraded & Serviced)
UK North 1:50000,
National Trails 1:50000,
Pennines 1:25000 Maps (Sold)
Spare Screen covers
Bike Back and Mount

£140 delivered  (SOLD)

I have had this for a few years now, in fact since 2008.
It has been fully serviced annually and upgraded by Satmap.
It comes with spare screen covers.
Maps as specified and also a bike mount and battery cover for fitting to bike.
Problem is I just don’t use it enough to justify leaving it in a drawer.


Poor quality picture of the Bike Mount and Bike Mount battery cover

All items except the bike mount and back are in their original boxes.


Old Used Jet Boil      £15    (SOLD)

This is used and a bit tatty looking but it works just fine, and is a lot cheaper than buying a NEW one.
It is missing the gas stabiliser, but one can be bought for about £6

Pictures below ………

MSR Pocket Rocket £5  (does NOT inc gas)   (SOLD)

You can pick a new one up for around £25 (maybe less), but this is the price
Still in it’s plastic case.
Weighs not much

Little tip… Don’t Google pocket rocket without adding MSR
                  I did warn you!!


ECCO ANDES Mens Sandals in EU 40 £50 (del)

I say men, but I think they are pretty unisex
These are completely unused and in box (as you can see).
I am an 11 OR I would be using them.

They cost up to £90 brand New.
And these are brand New but only £60 (ono)

MEINDL BOOTS Men UK 11  £30    (SOLD)

I got these back in the days when I wore BOOTS.
Shortly after I went on to shoes.
These are very hefty pair of boots.
They are Gortex and Suede uppers
weigh quite a lot, and I seem to remember cost about £120 in a sale when I bought them, which would have been back in 2009

I have used them I think twice in that time.
I just don’t use boots like this now.
But even if not for walking big hills, they might be excellent for local walks in winter.


These are lightweight mid boot.
I would not call them 100% waterproof
I used them last on the infamous Peebles to Moffat trip
Since then they have been in their box
You can see from the pictures how little they have been used.
I will even give them a clean before sending

SALOMEN XA Pro GTX UK 11 £ 15    (SOLD)

These have been used, NOT for proper trips or hill walking and hence the soles and uppers are in good condition.
In fact they have only really been used to walk to the car, and stand in at the odd rugby match, and maybe a couple of bike rides

They are gortex lined.

I just find them too narrow for my feet, which is why I now tend to use either inov8’s or more recently the ECCO shoes.

The dirt is a bit of dust (not mud) because they have been under the bed.
They are NOT in a box, and I will give them a wipe over before sending


 KIMM 55 +  £20 (SOLD)

I am somewhat over subscribed with packs at the moment.
I have collected them over the years and then moved on.
This was a good pack, but I have a Talon 44 and a Gossamer Gear Mariposa so, really the ones here are totally surplus and they will NEVER be used

There is one small missing hoop tie as shown below, but this is NOT part of lost functionality.
It is really just for dangly bits

Only bit of damage is this.
It does NOT go through to the inside.
It is just a tie point

The back (yes I know it is upside down) sorry.

Looking inside

GOLITE QUEST 65+ £25 ono      (SOLD)

I used this back in 2008 on the Wainright C2C
It has a huge capacity, and it also has the BIG front pouch
It is looking a bit used in places but I will give it a clean before sending it.

The only repair that is probably needed is on the chest strap where it attaches to the pack.
I have used this as is just using some tape.
You can also use a bit of webbing or a caple tie to secure it better.
OR, get a new bit.

A bit grubby, but I will clean it up

Front pouch section


Slight wear on the belt near the pocket.
Bit of over sewing might help it.

Chest strap retaining clip has front part of clip missing
See next photo’s to show it clearer

You can see that there should be a bit at front top and bottom

OSPREY EXOS 46 (Yours for Postage)    (SOLD)

I bought this from Mr Sloman a few TGOC’s ago, and until recently the EXOS was my Go To Pack.
This has pedigree and as once used by Mr Sloman soon to be a 20 timer on TGOC probably collectable.
Actually 2015 is my 10th so extra collectable

All you have to do is provide postage and you can have this epic.

The pictures will show what state it is in.
But I reckon it has still got a few days out in it.
maybe not consecutive ones

Having said that with a bit of TLC and some sewing skills I reckon there could be a couple of years left in it.

It may need a bath!


Pacer Poles Aluminium (used quite a bit, but they are pacers) £30    (SOLD)

I just don’t like using them to hold the tent up.
In fact they are too short for anything other than a Trailstar

So here they are.

Great if you have dodgy knees


RAB LATOK SIZE L £10 (could be less)    (SOLD)

This was a super coat, but it is getting old now, I an also I have the fancy PHD Alpamayo, and also (yes I will say it), a Paramo, so this never gets used.

They cost rather a lot more than £15 new, so this is a bit of a bargain.
Especially if you give it a reproof.
If it doesn’t go it will get onated to a charitable cause

I have been using it until about 12 months ago, so it still works.

But as I said it is a bit grubby, and has a few marks and thin bits on it now.
The marks may well come out with a detergent wash.
Then a soap wash and rinse and then a reproof.
It has been washed, but only in Techwash and Nikwax

Actually I almost feel bad about putting it here.
But I am anyway

You can see the scruffy marks at the bottom

Some marks on arm.

Some marks on the hood

And on the shoulders
This shows a couple of small holes in the back near the bottom,
and where the inner material has work thin with usage.

THAT’S it Folks

You can email me using the link on the BLOG, or contact me by leaving a comment.
If you want anything, or just want some additional information please feel free to contact me.

It all has to go one way or another

And I reckon even at that price the TS is a bloody bargain.
AND the Warmlite is an even BIGGER bargain

All items are sold as viewed if not completely happy I will consider refunding money after items are returned provided the reason is valid, but you will need to pay for the return postage
I think there is enough information here for people to be able to make an informed decision


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