TGOC 2015 Days 7 & 8 – Kingussie to Water of Caiplaich Cheese and Wine

Day 7 Kingussie to Cairngorm Lodge YHA

Ramble On – Robert Plant & Jimmy Page (It seemed appropriate for the next 2 days)

Not expecting to be doing so little camping, I had carried a sodding great (small) tent with me all the way. And I wasn’t going to need it again today, since a long time back I had booked a place at the SYHA it being my only re-stock spot to collect Cheese and Wine Supplies. As it happens this was a good idea, because I was now NOT going via Aviemore and luckily I had sent useful stuff inc Whisky & Sloe Gin plus cheese to the YHA in a parcel.

Now, all we had to do was walk there.

The interactive map above shows route to Fort Augustus to Water of Caiplaich.

AND. It was a bloody long way.

So, we set off after breakfast from the Tipsy Laird.
Gordon was off to do another route, so we had a cup of coffee across the road and then I headed off to meet Carl & Lynsey.
Carl was buying a new Pole to make up for the one he broke yesterday falling over (again).
We got some wine and stuff for the C&W and headed off down the road past Ruthven barracks and out through the forest trails.
Miles and bloody miles of them to cut across eventually to Loch Morlich.

Ruthven Barracks

 Once you leave the road, there is the nice bimble across via the pylons through the woods, back out onto the road and then back up into the woods again.
Some nice views, but I will only put a few in here.

Before the seriously long walk over we stopped by the bench for a rest and a jelly baby fix

Carl at the first Jelly Baby stop.
Although it may have been where Lynsey spilled her Jelly Beans.
AND I want to make it quite clear hear and now
That that was NOT a Euphemism
Listen, TBA I can’t remember what they were.
So for simplicity, let’s just say sweets!

We took the track over near Insh cutting back up into the forest tracks as it met the road.
Then taking the tracks over past Uath Lochan.

There is some wonderful wildlife if you look and listen walking through these woods.

We made our way through the woods to Feshie Bridge, where Carl had promised a coffee shop and dancing girls.

Well, there was **** ALL!! BUT… Massive Disappointment!

And it was getting warm.
And our feet were aching.

Looking back to Feshie Bridge

We walked on into the start of the tracks off the road, and had another stop.
My feet were feeling sore.
No blisters but sweaty socks can cause BIG issues.
Time to fix them.
So a bit of micropore tape stopped the potential chaffing,
Job done.
We drank as much as we could, had lunch and then headed off again.
Next stop after a lot of miles would be the

Wait for it…………….

Cairngorm Footspa Club Bridge place (it’s an insider joke!)

On route lots of pretty little pools in the woods.

After what felt like days and days we arrived at the start of Loch Gamna and then Loch an Eilein.
By now it was very sunny, and the views were to die for.
And the birds swooping along the top of the water.
Can’t even capture that moment.

And then we headed across to the

Cairngorm Clubfoot thing Bridge whatsit!

Where we had a bit of a sit down.
Took shoes and socks off.
It was OK, nobody else was about or they may have been asphyxiated by the fumes
And had a lie down in the sun.

And why not?

BUT…there was only 6 and a bit km to go now.
And at the end of it was a bed and a beer.

It was time to go.

We picked up weary legs and heavy packs and headed off over the bridge for the final push.
Everyone going at different speeds.

Meaning ME!!!

Yes I had buggered off into the distance.

Lovely views of Loch Morlich, and then across the road and follow the cycle path down to the SYHA.

I tried to call in, but accidentally got Roger Smith on his home mobile.
Heh.. It happens OK.

He sorted me out!

I carried on.

Loch Morlich

And then we were at the SYHA.

We booked in, collected parcels, found rooms, had a shower.

No, hang on…

We booked in.
Bought and Drank Beer
Found Rooms
Had a Shower
Sorted out dirty kit.
Unpacked parcels.
Sorted out gear and repacked
Had more Beer
Went for a Meal


SYHA Cairngorm Lodge last May.

Quite a few kids running about.
So What???
Good to see them out.

The Staff????

Bloody brilliant!

Lovely welcome.
Friendly Faces

And the Chef.


Honest decent food.

He even knew our names.

I didn’t even know our f***ing names by then.

He knew our names!!!!!!!

Loved it.

Who cares about rooms and shit!
They were like err hostel rooms init.

It’s about the people

So, we had food, used the facilities

MIGHT! I SAY MIGHT!!!! Have had another beer OK

Great night.

Then went to bed.
Creeping into the dormitory
As you do.



Day 8 – To The Water of Caiplaich- Cheese and Wine Time

Twas morning.

We had breakfast.
A fine breakfast.

Had a chat with the Chef.

Went over the road and sat in Cafe having Coffee.

We only had 14(ish) km to do today.

OK as it happens they were going to a hard bastard 14km, and I blame Pete Goddard.

I am no saying it is his fault we took that route.
I am just blaming the bugger OK.

Actually a nicer chap you couldn’t hope to meet. Honest.

So we had coffee, and watched red squirrels and birds and stuff in the cafe

BUT… We had to head off.

J.J. was there with  Margaret

We set off over the road and along the track.
John was ringing Denis and Challenge

So he went the wrong way.
It was his 10th FFS.
He went the wrong way.

We shouted and he bludgeoned his way up through the trees.

We waited.
It was hard not to rush off!

And headed up past the small An Lochan Uaine

Then Up towards Coire Odhar and Bynack More.
Bumping into people (not literally, that would be rude) on the way.

Ryvoan Bothy
Reputedly Haunted.

It started out nice, but as we started to drop down towards where Uisge Dubh Poll a Choin crosses the track, the temperature plummeted and the rain began.
We stopped for a drink and put on warm clothes and waterproofs.

View to Bynack Mor

I had intended to head over on higher land turning left earlier, but Pete Goddard (aka Grumpy) had said the route up the river was better and easier.

Well, it may have been after 5km, but the first 4 to 5 km along that windy, heathery, uppy downy bit of meandering river were a bit of a bastard.

So I headed off.
Along the meandering bloody river.

Those that have walked with me, or near me, or behind me.
(Sloman will be along with a comment in a minute)
Will know that there are times when I just


And this was one of those days.
So 15 minutes into the river walk I had errrrr GONE OFF

And that was the last time I saw them until I got to the Party Site

And that was really the last I saw of MY CREW until they arrived about 20 minutes after me at the water of Caplaich Cheese and Wine Venue.

Looking back it was a nice route (Honest Grumps)

Easy navigation, and ok walking, with some interesting challenges keeping out of falling in the water using the route I took that stuck pretty much to the river bank, although at times, the RIVER.

Arty Farty Bit
Look, I just like old rotted stumps.

And then I was at the party site.
Had a few chats with the current incumbents
Decided to put up my tent before anyone else came along and pinched the better flatter places.

And that is what I did.

About 20 minutes later my CREW arrived.

And more and more filtered in.

TBA pretty much the same disparate motley crew that normally turns up, with a few innocent folk that may never be the same again by the next morning.
Shame Val and Dave couldn’t make it this year, stalwarts of many a C&W, but Val was running some silly Ultra Triathlon thingy in Magaloof or some Spanish place.

So without further ado.
Rather than explain the horrors of another debauched evening of drink and merriment in the middle of **** ALL.

Here are some pictures.

Me in my tents and…
The rather wonderful Norma.
Even with a hat on, you know she doesn’t have ONE hair out of place!

The storm that luckily missed us

Carl musing on what might have been.
If only he had never heard of the TGOC
And never met ME 🙂

I have to hand it to my old buddies Sloman and Lambert. (see how I used bold there!)
They throw a damned fine bash in the middle of Nowt.

And we all collapsed into our tents.

Tomorrow was pending, and I was going to split up with my new Amigo’s I had been with for days (well, until today)

For I was Braemar and then Callater bound.

And for me, tomorrow was destined to be a 37½ Km Day

5 thoughts on “TGOC 2015 Days 7 & 8 – Kingussie to Water of Caiplaich Cheese and Wine

  1. The conversion is 1 Scottish mile = 2 English miles. Or it seems that way to me. The up’s have a similar conversion and also boggy areas are becoming English swear words.371/2km is a distance only contemplated by those beyond help.

  2. I have noticed Unsettling Things:1) The Girl, Lynsey, seems to be on a mobile telephone whilst ascending the shoulder of Bynack Mor.2) The Boy, Carl, seems to be sporting a fine pair of breasts at the first Jelly Baby stop.3) More unsettling than all, is that the Boy, Carl, seems to be imitating the dress and demeanour of this commenter (apart from the dreadful Tilly Hat – he really should lose the hat). He does seem to smile a lot, though.4) There is an incredibly badly pitched Akto in the picture \”The storm that luckily missed us.\” Whoever pitched this tent has to see me after class.5) Peter & Jayme made a reasonable stab at pitching their un-pitchable Lasers. 6) The Lord was looking after His Holiness, the Incredibly Irreverand Dave, as his Rainbow looks perfect, and surely must win \”Pitch of the Year.\”7) *Never* listen to Mr Grumpy's route suggestions. The best way over to the Water of Caiplich (that's CAIPLICH, by the way…) is to head off early from the shoulder, as you intimated, Sir.8) You missed the best bit of the Cheese & Wine Party, in Trinnie Trailstar. Went on until the wee small hours…9) Finally, you are spot on about Norma. She is bloody wonderful.Happy days!

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