Walkers Autumn Gear Sale


You may well ask why I am selling gear.

Reason 1 … It is not being used enough
Reason 2 … It is not being used enough

So, here is a list of items available  if sold they will appear crossed out in red

1.   PHD SIGMA SMOCK   (used but V Good) inc Stuff Sack              £  55.00 + delivery (SOLD)

2.   Pair Leki Carbon Titanium Poles (135cm) flik lok price drop         £  50.00 + delivery (Sold)

3.    Teva Forge Pro GTX Event Shoes (New) UK 11                            £  40.00 + delivery (withdrawn)

4.    Vivo Barefoot Flip Flops  UK 11 (hardly used)                              £  15.00 (Sold)

5.    Hi-tec Gas Stove (used but v good)                                                £  10.00 delivered

6.    White Box Meths Stove (used 1 trip only)                                    £  12.50 delivered (Sold)

SO. details below ……………………………………………………………………………….

I am NOT going to accept SILLY OFFERS!
TBA these prices are astonishing value!

Delivery   is to UK mainland ONLY

If postage is not included the charge will be determined by HOW and WHERE to.
Royal Mail will normally be more expensive than using a courier, so IF you want them sent by Post, especially large items, then that will be a between  £10 & £12 for shoes pack and poles.
Courier is cheaper coming in at between £5 and £7 


Price £55.00 Delivered

Weight 475g in stuff sack

I have used this on a few trips.
It is the power fill version in a men’s (L)arge.
With the M1 outer.
This is the NON hooded version

This version is no longer made, and it doesn’t have the dry shell outer that the new one does.
But it would have cost you £130 delivered.
The 3 reasons for selling this are…..

  1. I have a PHD Jacket and a Down Gilet & Montane Gilet
  2. I no longer wear it and it sits in the cupboard
  3. It is too big since I lost weight

It is in very good condition.
It has accompanied me on a few trips, but really hasn’t been worn that much.

This is also on the Facebook Gear Exchange

LEKI CARBON TITANIUM Poles (Flik Lok) 3 Piece Used

Price £60 + delivery

They weigh in at 450g for the pair.

These are approx 2 years old but haven’t been used since 2013
I bought them back then and used them on a couple of trips to the Lakes and the TGOC in 2013
So in all, they have probably been used for about 25 days walking.

After that I changed my tent & these were too short to use since I needed 140cm poles.

Obviously they have a few marks showing usage, since they are walking poles.
There are NO handle loops since I took them off as I don’t like them.

They were £130 New for the pair.

They have been stored in a wardrobe, and in 3 pieces so no corrosion.

Very little tip wear

Very faint marks on Carbon sections.
This cannot be helped, since they are black.


Price £40 + delivery

I bought these a couple of years ago, since I always use TEVA Sandals.
But I have pretty wide feet and I find them just slightly too tight.
As such they have been on my feet on a carpeted floor.
They have never been worn outside or TBA at all.
They have been kept in the original box.
So, they are BRAND NEW

These are the GTX Event versions.

VIVO BAREFOOT Sandals (Flip Flop Style) UK 11 Used (but one trip only)

Price £15 + delivery      (SOLD)

They cost approx £32 New (exc deliver)

Weight approx 400g the pair

These were used on 1 TGOC in 2014.
I carried them most of the way.

They were worn at a couple of camps, and to cross a couple of streams.
As such they are hardly worn.
TBA, I was wearing trail shoes anyway, so didn’t really need them.

I cannot get on with them as normal shoes, and could never run in them as I am not a natural foot runner.
Also I have other flip flops and sandals, and on walks I have gone back to Zuucs & Crocs as camp shoes.

HI-TEC Gas Burner Stove Used (Pocket Rocket Style)

Price £10.00 delivered

This has been used on a few trips, but is in excellent condition.
I bought it on a whim & then went and got a Jet Boil (which I have now sold)

So I now use a Kovea Spider stove with Gas and a Flat Cat Gear Leopard Meths and Esbit stove for my camping.
This sits on a shelf.
I kept it in case my daughter wanted it for DoE, but they used Trangia’s so it needs to go.

Cheap as chips and same weight as a pocket rocket

WHITE BOX Meths Stove Hardly Used

Price £ 12.50 delivered

60mm in diameter and 55mm high
Weighs            30g
Comes with heat shield (never used)      30g

I bought this when in transition to Meths.
But since I now have the Flat cat Leopard stove I will not be using this.
It is a good stove and burns well.
You need to make yourself a wind shield to go with it.
I used it on just one trip to the Lakes.

If you want a NEW one, you can buy it from BOB at backPackinglight for £20.99 delivered

So, this is a bit of a bargain…

Not mine, but gives an idea of how it burns

That’s it.

Email with email link from bottom of Blog or from the Facebook Gear Exchange Links

Or email Direct HERE

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