Scarpa R Evo GTX Boots UK 11 (EU 46)

Scarpa R Evo GTX Boots UK 11 (EU 46)

£120 or best sensible offer (sensible!)


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
These are an almost new pair of Scarpa R Evo GTX Boots for Sale.

I bought them in Mar 2017.

They have been used for 2 x 1 day walks only.
Retail price then was £180 at Open Air in Cambridge
These are a UK 11 (EU 46) – Still with original box.

The only reason I am selling is that they don’t work for me.
Due to an old injury to my left leg, I find the left one slightly uncomfortable. My right leg loves them.
See pictures below:
The first picture into the boot, shows it without the removable inners, just to show there is no wear below them at all.
Mr Sloman (whom you may know loves his.. I mean loves….)
The price includes delivery to anywhere in the UK via Courier
(as the PO charges silly money for parcels over a Kg)

Inside without inner to see how pristine the stitching and inner is

3 thoughts on “Scarpa R Evo GTX Boots UK 11 (EU 46)

  1. Andrew is correct. I absolutely adore my pair of these. The unusual feature of these boots is the incredibly clever tongue – It isn't a tongue. It's a robust fully watertight stretchy gusset, so the boot is like a sock that fits around your foot. The lacing merely adjusts the snugness to your heart's desire!The sole compound is very grippy on all surfaces, but is still moderately hard wearing.They took me across Scotland on the TGO Challenge and are about to do so again. These are bloomin' brilliant!

  2. This is not really related to the post above but I've been reading some of your Twitter stuff about returning to running. I can't reply on there; I'm not signed up but I do occasionally read feeds which I access via the walking blogs.Anyway (there is a point) I restarted running a few years back; I'd been contemplating it for a while and it reached the point where it was a case of if not now, then never. I got back to around 7 or 8 kilometre runs and that does for me.The idea had been to supplement walking fitness by doing some modest running, but the interesting thing I've found is that the opposite has happened. The running doesn't seem to have appreciably altered my walking fitness, but I can definitely feel the benefit of some bigger hill days when I go for a run. We were kept off the Shropshire hills for a couple of months in late winter/early spring and I really noticed the effects, and then the improvement again when we started doing the hill days.I have no idea if this is typical or if I'm just peculiar (It's him; he's peculiar – Mrs D)

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